Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

Cleansing the colon with the use of hydrotherapy is not a new concept. Forms of colonic irrigation have been used successfully for centuries to relieve chronic toxicity and enhance health.


We all have different lifestyles, and our nutritional regimes, metabolic activity and other daily factors differ considerably, however if we do not empty our bowels regularly, then we do not eliminate wastes completely. If input exceeds output, then we will surely suffer the consequences at some point.


Impacted faecal matter can cause an imbalance of the natural organisms that normally populate the bowel, causing what is known as dysbiosis. Decomposing matter can cause a toxic condition and may lead to many health problems, as constipation causes backed up pollution of the body cells. The process of repair and elimination of wastes enters a downward spiral, which at best will cause fatigue, lack of energy and premature ageing, and, at worst, can cause degenerative diseases, among them allergies, and even cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.