The Equipment

I use the Aqua-Cinic™ Mobile (portable) Device and Disposable Aqua-Cinic™ Hydrocare Speculum Kits manufactured by Aqua-Clinic Ltd. in the UK The Aqua-Cinic™ Mobile (portable) Device is designed for performing a therapeutic treatment of colon hydrotherapy for a patient in a medical setting, or a client in an alternative health setting, always using disposable client kits. The Aqua-Cinic™ Mobile (portable) Device is a CE approved Class 1 Medical Device, based on the traditional closed-system equipment with a built-in water filtration system.


Key factors at a glance:


  • Water filtration immediately before contact with client;

  • Adjustable temperature and flow controls hold temperature;

  • Gentle operation is suitable for fragile patients or clients;

  • No electricity is used in the operation, making the equipment suitable for EMF-sensitive clients;

  • Unlike in most other pressure devices, waste DOES NOT go through the machine thus ensuring hygiene and safety 100%;

  • Designed to be used with Hydrocare disposable kits for achieving the best results;

  • The deep hydration effect enables the therapist to achieve effective results from the very first treatment. The system can be used both in free flow mode and in gradual or full water restriction mode, depending on the treatment.

Disposable Aqua-Cinic™ Hydrocare Speculum Kits

A speculum is an instrument used in colon hydrotherapy in order to deliver the water to the large intestine and remove the wastes. To be inserted, a speculum needs an obturator, or a guide that is removed from the speculum after the insertion. Originally developed for clinical gastroenterology applications, Aqua-Clinic™ Hydrocare speculum has been found in independent research to be the safest and the most effective speculum from the point of view of adaptation to the anatomy any physiology of the rectum and the anus and facilitation of removal of the faecal matter.

Front View

Back View

Packed View